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Hi, I'm Candace.  I'm a pediatric occupational therapist with a passion for connecting with families who might need my help.  My goal is to become a part of your team.  You know your child better than anyone--with your intuition and my skill set, we can all learn and grow.  I believe that any child can thrive, we just need to discover how to connect with them.

I have a bachelors degree in psychology, a graduate degree in occupational therapy and have completed over 20 continuing education courses beyond my collegiate education.  I have also presented at many professional and parent conferences.  The Live! Picky Eaters Course is my first online course and has been a successful and rewarding opportunity.

As an occupational therapist who has worked primarily in an outpatient setting, I address a variety of needs including those in the areas of sensory processing, feeding and eating, motor development, and daily living skills.

As a mom, I can identify with the need for strategies to fit into a busy and unpredictable day and I want to make our plan work for your family.