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I am so excited to present to you the official launching of Parenting Your Sensory Child with Confidence, Course #1.  The purpose of this course is to help you Understand Sensory Processing.  

I'm talking REALLY understand it.  Do you ever feel like there is a lot of information out there about "sensory?"  Hear a bunch of sensory terminology and feel it can be overwhelming? Maybe you have a really awesome OT that works with your child/family but they are limited on time (something I experience in my clinic work) and you haven't had the opportunity to sit down and discuss allll of the sensory details.  This course is for you!

In this pre-recorded course I will review:

  1. The 8 senses

  2. Common sensory terms that you might have heard but don't understand

  3. How the senses work together

  4. Examples of functional/dysfunctional processing within each of the 8 senses

  5. Sensory Processing Disorder

  6. Different types of processing dysfunction

  7. Sensory seeking vs. sensory sensitive

  8. How to reflect on this information and apply it to understanding your child

  9. And more!