Thank you for your interest!  I am excited for the opportunity to work with you if you decide my services are a good fit for your needs!

As a provider, my goal is to not only address your child's specific needs, but also support you as a family unit.  It is my hope that I help you understand your child's needs more comprehensively and in turn feel more confident in navigating your daily life--while helping your child become supported, advocate for, and understand their own needs.  I only utilize respectful therapy techniques--meaning  I will always ask for your child's consent, I will acknowledge them and accept them fully for who they are, and I will honor their communication at all times.

Boy Playing with Blocks


I am currently offering private pay, in-home (or telehealth options--appropriate for only certain needs or clients) services at this time. This means I will come work with your child (and you) in your home.  This is a great opportunity for me to work with you and your child in your natural environment.  In the future, I hope to offer other options and I will keep you updated as services change.

Areas of need my direct services can assist with:

  • Sensory processing (seeking, sensitivities, etc.)

  • Emotional regulation

  • Behavior as an indicator of need (what need is beneath a behavior instead of focusing on the external behavior).

  • Motor needs

  • Play as a form of connection and advocating for the acceptance of ALL forms of play.

  • School-based needs (i.e. writing, cutting, etc.)

  • Daily living skills (i.e. dressing, toileting, self-feeding)

  • Feeding/Eating (selective/picky eating/anxiety surrounding food)

  • Feeding, breast and bottle feeding

  • Feeding, Introducing or progressing solids for your baby

  • Overall development 

  • Referrals to other appropriate services (i.e. speech therapy, physical therapy, or psychological services)

  • Setting and follow-through of respectful boundaries while acknowledging emotions and needs (parent)

  • Curious about anything else, please ask!